2012 Finalist: The All-Rounder

The most improved building across multiple sustainability categories.

Who led the charge

Greg Allwine
Principal, Johnson Braund, Inc.


Greg has been with Johnson Braund since 1977, leading the company for the past three decades. He believes that in order to advise clients to follow sustainable practices, a firm should first live up to and demonstrate those principals.

Johnson Braund Offices, Seattle, WA
Commercial Office Building - 8,000 sq. ft.

Johnson Braund says that if you can't "walk the walk" then you can't "talk the talk" when it comes to having less impact on the planet. Because of that, Johnson Braund uses its offices as an ongoing laboratory to test out ideas, systems and products. 

The Johnson Braund office, constructed in the 1980s, uses zero fossil fuels, with nearly 25% of its annual energy provided by on-site solar panels (which is no small feat in Seattle). The team steadily retrofitted the building over the past five years, lowering its energy use by 75% and dramatically slashing water consumption-- all while keeping the building at a comfortable 71 degrees year-round. 

All of the lighting has been upgraded with either high efficiency fluorescent or LED fixtures. A majority of the lights are occupancy, user and daylighting controlled, and staff are able to control the individual fixture that hangs above their desk. The team has also installed ultra efficient heat-pump HVAC and hyper-efficient plumbing fixtures, and utilizes computer-controlled energy management.


Steve Allwine | Building Manager & Director of Marketing, Johnson Braund

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