2012 Winner: The All-Rounder

The most improved building across multiple sustainability categories.

Who led the charge

Glen Neville
Director, Deutsche Bank


Glen drives the utility & energy management and critical systems product strategies across Deutsche Bank’s global portfolio. From 2009-2011, Deutsche Bank’s global energy efficiency program delivered annual savings of more than 120 million kWh and $20 million.

Deutsche Bank 60 Wall Street, New York, NY
Commercial Office Building - 1,625,483 sq. ft.

Built between 1987 and 1989, 60 Wall Street is the Americas headquarters of Deutsche Bank and the largest building in its portfolio. 

Given the building’s size, completed energy and sustainability initiatives have a strong impact and are paramount to helping Deutsche Bank reach its goal of carbon neutrality by 2013. 

A range of energy, water efficiency and water reduction projects were implemented through retrocommissioning and ongoing maintenance and improvements. Special features include a 123 kW solar array that was installed on the roof of the building, making it the largest flat panel array in Manhattan and the highest in the U.S. The projects were funded by approximately $8 million in capital and operational expenses and found to be highly cost-effective.


Marcel Borg | Senior Chief Engineer, Jones Lang LaSalle
Vijay Jesrani | Associate, Jones Lang LaSalle
Michael Koerner | Vice President, Jones Lang LaSalle
Michael Perrette | Property Manager, Jones Lang LaSalle

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"We are honored to be recognized as a finalist for the EBie awards. Deutsche Bank is committed to achieving carbon neutrality by 2013 and believes sustainability means future viability. As a corporate citizen, Deutsche Bank strives to be a catalyst for sustainable practices, not just in our own offices, but in the community at large."