2012 Finalist: The Reformed Drinker

The building with the highest percentage savings in potable water use.

2012 Finalist: Take Me to the River

The building with the lowest potable water consumption (absolute lowest, not improvement) following renovation.

The jurors chose to combine these two awards.

Who led the charge

Glen Neville
Director, Deutsche Bank 

Glen drives the utility & energy management and critical systems product strategies across Deutsche Bank’s global portfolio. From 2009-2011, Deutsche Bank’s global energy efficiency program delivered annual savings of more than 120 million kWh and $20 million.

Deutsche Bank 60 Wall Street, New York, NY
Commercial Office Building - 1,625,483 sq. ft.

60 Wall Street is the Americas headquarters of Deutsche Bank and is the largest building in the portfolio. Because of this, water initiatives implemented have a strong impact and are paramount to helping Deutsche Bank reach its global goal of reducing 1 billion liters of water by 2015. 

Deutsche Bank regards sustainability as an essential element of its activities – in its core business and beyond. The bank worked to implement sustainable measures across its portfolio to both reduce its impact on the environment and operating expenses. 

A range of water efficiency and reduction projects were implemented through retro-commissioning and ongoing maintenance and improvements. Because cooling towers are used in the building, energy saving initiatives included reducing the building load, which also reduced water usage. Other projects included installing waterless urinals, implementing outdoor air enthalpy control, and decommissioning fan coil units.


Marcel Borg | Senior Chief Engineer, Jones Lang LaSalle
Vijay Jesrani | Associate, Jones Lang LaSalle
Michael Koerner | Vice President, Jones Lang LaSalle
Michael Perrette | Property Manager, Jones Lang LaSalle