2012 Winner: The Reformed Drinker

The building with the highest percentage savings in potable water use.

2012 Winner: Take Me to the River

The building with the lowest potable water consumption (absolute lowest, not improvement) following renovation.

The jurors chose to combine these two awards.

Who led the charge

Steve Allwine                     Building Manager & Director of Marketing, Johnson Braund, Inc.

Since starting at Johnson Braund in 2007, Steve has helped significantly reduce the company’s energy and water consumption.

Johnson Braund Offices, Seattle, WA
Commercial Office Building - 8,000 sq. ft.

The Johnson Braund office, constructed in the 1980s, uses zero fossil fuels, with nearly 25% of its annual energy provided by on-site solar panels (which is no small feat in Seattle). The team steadily retrofitted the building over the past five years, lowering its energy use by 75% and dramatically slashing water consumption-- all while keeping the building at a comfortable 71 degrees year-round. 

The vast majority of the water savings came from shutting off the property’s irrigation system. Located in the fairly moist Pacific Northwest and with an almost entirely native plantings landscape, the sprinkler system was unnecessary. 

The rest of the water savings came from putting in high efficiency plumbing fixtures, including 0.5 GPM aerators on all the faucets, a 1.5 GPM showerhead, and dual-flush or 1.28 GPF toilets. All in all, the building averages 5 gallons used per person, per workday.


Greg Allwine | Principal, Johnson Braund

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