2012 Finalist: The Reformed Gas Guzzler

The building with the highest percentage of energy savings.

Who led the charge

Marc Zuluaga
Vice President and Director of Multifamily Energy Services, Steven Winter Associates


Marc led a team that provided turnkey energy audit, MEP design, contractor oversight, commissioning and maintenance staff training services.

Williamsburg Court, Brooklyn, NY
Multi-family Residential - 66,514 sq. ft.

Williamsburg Court is a 59-unit affordable housing residence in Brooklyn, NY. In 2007, the owner coordinated an energy audit and retrofit with NYSERDA’s Multifamily Performance Program and the Weatherization Assistance Program. 

Efficiency upgrades reduced energy use intensity by 30% at this multi-family residence. The project was so successful, the utility company inspected the meter to see if “tampering” was causing unusually low readings. 

Steven Winter Associates’ energy audit revealed that the building’s open combustion chamber boilers caused huge standby energy losses. Replacing the boilers drastically reduced the gas used for heat and domestic hot water. Thermostatic radiator valves, low flow aerators and showerheads also reduced the demands on the new system. 

Other upgrades included low-e glazing, weatherstripping, repaired ventilation shafts, and more efficient ventilation fans. Lighting upgrades included occupancy-controlled lighting in common areas and retrofitted fixtures in apartments. All these upgrades were completed while the building was 100% occupied.


Luis Lopez | Super, St. Nick’s Alliance
Norman Williams Project Manager | St. Nick’s Alliance

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