2012 Winner: The Reformed Gas Guzzler

The building with the highest percentage of energy savings.

Who led the charge

Klas Haglid, PE, RA
Principal, Haglid Engineering & Associates


Klas has been instrumental in the design and analysis of the energy reduction measures installed at 145 Talmadge Road. Using his experience in building energy modeling, Klas was able to recommend a range of successful retrofits for the facility.

145 Talmadge Road, Edison, NJ
Mixed Use Industrial Complex & Office Building - 656,255 sq. ft.

This project retrofitted an existing industrial complex to become an Energy Star Certified building. The facility consists of approximately 40,000 sf of one-story office space; 181,000 sf of refrigerated warehouse space; and 433,000 sf of mixed use dry-warehouse space. 

After performing an audit, they developed a plan to address all of the major issues at the facility. The low-hanging fruit included occupancy and refrigeration controls; more substantial retrofits included lighting upgrades, envelope upgrades, equipment replacement, and energy recovery. 

Upon completion, the nominal 4.4MW rooftop solar array was the largest in the country. The overall building efficiency improved by over a third, and in conjunction with the new solar array, dramatically reduced total grid energy consumption. Despite having 180,000 sf of refrigerated warehouse, this building is a net power producing facility on peak summer days.


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Avi Avidan | Managing Member, Avidan Management, LLC
Josh Avidan
| Member, Avidan Management, LLC
Alex Heckman
| EIT, LEED AP, Energy Projects Engineer, Building Performance Equipment
Ted Jesson
| Operations Field Manager, Avidan Management, LLC


"At the project’s inception, the client expressed he was having difficulty renting a 200,000 sqft space; but after we improved the building envelope and implemented the BPE energy recovery, on-site solar generation, and high-efficiency lighting, potential tenants could not believe it was the same space. Moreover, by telling potential tenants that he would provide several months of free electricity and gas, Avi sealed the deal in less than a month. Best of all, last month the facility was net power producing, so there isn’t any cost to Avi either! 

Being green not only saves the environment, but also rents large spaces that would otherwise sit on the market for months, maybe even years. It’s been my philosophy that what’s good for the environment is good for the economy, and 145 Talmadge Road is the ideal example."