2012 Winner: Shine a Light on Me

The greatest percentage reduction in building lighting energy consumption or lighting power density.

Who led the charge

Dennis Luster
Sales Representative, Facility Solutions Group

Dennis designed the lighting retrofit for Fountainhead Business Park II that was both cost effective and reduced kWh usage. With his guidance, the property was able to recycle old materials, receive a rebate from the utility company, and reduce the property’s carbon footprint.

Fountainhead Business Park II, San Antonio, TX
Commercial Office Building - 89,100 sq. ft.

Fountainhead Business Park II is an Energy Star, LEED Silver building constructed in 1999 and owned by Shorecliffs Investments LLC. Genzyme is the sole tenant. 

Under the direction of the consultant, Ampajen Solutions, the landlord, tenant, consultant Facility Solutions Group and the management team worked diligently together on a lighting retrofit that reduced usage by over 40,000 watts. The local utility company’s rebate program reduced the cost of the project by 35%, which resulted in a payback period of only 2.5 years. 

A test area that consisted of several offices was renovated first. Readings were taken with a light meter to insure that the amount of light was not reduced. The lighting retrofit not only reduced energy usage for lighting, but also HVAC energy usage due to the reduction of the heat load of the lights. Other project features include new occupancy sensors in hallways, break rooms, conference rooms and restrooms.



Jeff Allen | Asset Manager and President, Kill Kare Incorporated
John Cauley | Building Engineer, Daymark Realty Advisors
Cindy James | Property Manager, Daymark Realty Advisors
Dan O’Hare | Asset Manager, Daymark Realty Advisors
Amanda Timmons | Sustainability Specialist, Ampajen Solutions, LLC

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"The Lighting retrofit that Facility Solutions Group, Inc. completed at Fountainhead Business Park 2 was a second generation lighting retrofit. The bldg already had 32 watt T8 lamps with Instant start Electronic ballasts which we retrofitted to the Advance Optanium Low Watt electronic ballast and the Philips 25 watt T8, 4'ft lamp. With this system we were able to provide significant additional energy savings and combined with a generous rebate the simple payback was right at two years."