2012 Winner: Shine a Light on Me

The greatest percentage reduction in building lighting energy consumption or lighting power density.

Who led the charge

John Sarich
Resident Manager, The William Beaver House

John has dedicated himself to reducing the carbon footprint of the William Beaver House while improving residents' quality of life. He prides himself on the ease of greening and the rewards of lower operating costs. John's driving force is giving his family a healthier place to live.

William Beaver House, New York, NY
Mixed Use – Commercial and Residential
94,940 sq. ft.

William Beaver House was able to achieve significant energy savings through a focused commitment on lighting and other improvements by a dedicated, educated building staff. House personnel effectively implemented lighting replacements and motion sensor installation as well as green cleaning, HVAC setbacks, and HVAC filter changes throughout the building. 

Motion sensors were installed throughout low-use spaces and standard timers were added in residential hallways to turn half the lights off during off-peak hours. Additionally, high efficiency CFL bulbs and LEDs replaced incandescent and halogen bulbs. 

The building also reduced energy consumption by setting heating and cooling units for optimal efficiency during off peak hours and changed out HVAC filters to improve mechanical operation.


Jeff Mack | Vice President, CIM

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