2012 Finalist: The Smooth Operator

The most improved building across multiple sustainability categories achieved solely through improved operations and maintenance and/or retrocommissioning.

2012 Finalist: All Revved Up and Ready to Go

The most improved building across two or more sustainability categories achieved through retro-commissioning exercises.

The jurors chose to combine these two awards.

Who led the charge

Wes Harvey
President, Testing Specialties, Inc.

Wes has been instrumental in attaining Energy Star for Fountainhead Business Park 2 for the years 2008, 2009 and 2012. Wes was very involved in the re-commissioning of the HVAC system and helping the property achieve LEED Silver.

Fountainhead Business Park II, San Antonio, TX
Commercial Office Building - 89,100 sq. ft.

Constructed in 1999, Fountainhead Business Park II received LEED Silver certification in 2010, making it the first existing office building in San Antonio to do so. It is solely occupied by the Genzyme Corporation and owned by Shorecliffs Investments LLC. 
The building’s re-commissioning ensured that the HVAC system was operating at its highest performance efficiency and included a lighting retrofit incorporating more efficient bulbs, installation of occupant sensors, purchasing of renewal energy certificates to offset the building’s carbon footprint, and implementing a high performance cleaning and purchasing program. 

Fountainhead Business Park II was able to improve Indoor Environmental Quality with the combined dedication and group effort of the landlord, tenants, vendors including Testing Specialties, Inc. all under the direction of Ampajen Solutions. The result is a better quality, more energy efficient environment for the occupants that is also Energy Star certified.


Jeff Allen | Asset Manager and President, Kill Kare Incorporated
John Cauley | Building Engineer, Daymark Realty Advisors
Cindy James | Property Manager, Daymark Realty Advisors
Dan O’Hare | Asset Manager, Daymark Realty Advisors
Amanda Timmons | Sustainability Specialist, Ampajen Solutions, LLC

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