2012 Finalist: The Smooth Operator

The most improved building across multiple sustainability categories achieved solely through improved operations and maintenance and/or retrocommissioning.

2012 Finalist: All Revved Up and Ready to Go

The most improved building across two or more sustainability categories achieved through retro-commissioning exercises.

The jurors chose to combine these two awards.

Who led the charge

Jim McAdam
Senior Energy Consultant,   Ridgecrest Energy Advisors

With his strong operational background, Jim was instrumental in moving Ridgecrest Energy Advisors toward maximizing building efficiency for clients. We are deeply sorry to report that Jim passed away after this project was submitted.

St. Mark’s Medical Center, LaGrange, TX
Hospital - 95,127 sq. ft.

St. Mark’s Medical Center is a full-service regional hospital in LaGrange, Texas. Saddled with high energy costs and indoor air quality (IAQ) issues, the hospital’s management engaged Ridgecrest Energy Advisors to assess the problem. 

Over the course of the project, energy use was substantially reduced and IAQ issues stemming from elevated humidity and condensation within the building were resolved. Ridgecrest identified pressurization and inadequate humidity as the root cause of chronic condensation, but resolving the problem would require increasing outside air intake and simultaneously increasing energy dedicated to dehumidification of the entire facility. 

To achieve both dehumidification and energy reductions, the team identified a wide range of energy-intensive operations including non-optimal fixed set points on air and water temperatures, and over-conditioning of vacant areas and mechanical spaces, to name a few. 

By the end of the project period, the facility was Energy Star Certified, had made dramatic improvements in electricity usage and natural gas consumption and had improved IAQ.


Mel Burgess | Director, Facility Management, St. Mark's Medical Center
Nathan Staggs | CEO, St. Mark's Medical Center

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