2012 Winner: The Smooth Operator

The most improved building across multiple sustainability categories achieved solely through improved operations and maintenance and/or retrocommissioning.

2012 Winner: All Revved Up and Ready to Go

The most improved building across two or more sustainability categories achieved through retro-commissioning exercises.

The jurors chose to combine these two awards.

Who led the charge

Toby Barlow
Chief Creative Officer,           Team Detroit, Inc.


Toby has been the champion of Team Detroit's green effort since the agency's inception five years ago. His leadership has been instrumental in substantially reducing building waste, motivating and educating employees, and in the building’s LEED certification.

The Greening of Team Detroit, Dearborn, MI
Commercial Office Building - 217,870 sq. ft.

The Greening of Team Detroit kicked off in 2007 when six advertising agencies who shared office space came together as one, supporting their client Ford Motor Company. A grassroots volunteer network quickly developed and under the guidance of a passionate and committed chief creative officer has made more of an impact than ever imagined. 

The building has decreased its energy use by adjusting temperature settings, installing motion sensors for lights, and setting screens and lighting to automatically power down at the end of every day, and has achieved LEED Silver certification and an Energy Star Award. 

Great strides have also been made through tenant engagement and green purchasing. A car-pool program was launched as well as posting green tips throughout the office and hosting a Green Fair throughout the summer. The building also switched to using all eco-friendly products including recycled paper towels and USGBC Certified cleaning products, and now use pitchers of water in conference rooms instead of bottled water.


Tim Bracco | Sustainability Manager, Ford Land
Christine Jones | Team Green Leader, Team Detroit, Inc.
Michael Patterson | Sustainability Manager, Ford Land
Kristen Schweitzer | Team Green Leader, Team Detroit, Inc.
Michele Silvestri |  Team Green Founder, Team Detroit, Inc.

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"We’re thrilled to have been awarded one of the first EBies ever. It all started with a group of dedicated volunteers, and with the support of Team Detroit’s leadership committee and our partners at Ford Land we’ve been able to make amazing strides in improving the green footprint of our building. And to be recognized for those efforts as one of the best in the country is quite an honor.”  

-Kristen Schweitzer, Team Detroit SVP and Team Green Director