2012 Winner: Verdant Brainiac

The most scalable green renovation project, particularly one that is innovative and overcame significant challenges.

Who led the charge

Marc Zuluaga                                         Vice President and Director of Multifamily Energy Services, Steven Winter Associates

Marc was fortunate enough to undertake this work on behalf of David Legow who didn’t blink in greenlighting a retrofit that had never been done before, and John Boehm who managed the retrofit like it was any other routine upgrade.

Carlyle Towers, Caldwell, NJ
Multi-family Apartment Building - 99,840 sq. ft.

Carlyle Towers in Caldwell, NJ was the first building in the country to undergo a comprehensive ventilation retrofit to improve both energy and indoor air quality performance. Results of this project have already been scaled up and implemented in 5,000+ apartments in the NYC metropolitan region alone. 

In August of 2008, the kitchen and bathroom exhaust ventilation system at Carlyle Towers was upgraded with Constant Airflow Regulators (CARs) to balance ventilation flows and the AEROSEAL system to reduce shaft leakage. As a result of the retrofit, balancing from floor to floor at Carlyle Towers was dramatically improved and 90% of the existing duct leakage was sealed. 

Implementing the retrofit resulted in a 25% reduction in gas use for space heating that has continued several years after the retrofit. Additional electricity savings were also realized as the retrofit allowed for downsized roof fans. Significant technical barriers were overcome with the implementation of the AEROSEAL process in an occupied residential building.


John Boehm | Director of Maintenance and Operations, Legow Management
David Legow | Partner, Legow Management

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