2013 Winner: The Reformed Drinker

The building with the highest percentage savings in potable water use.

Who led the charge



John Barnes
Senior Vice President, Managing Director, SL Green Realty Corp.


Mr. Barnes is Senior Vice President and Managing Director of Reckson, a division of SL Green Realty Corp. He is responsible for operations, construction, leasing, and property management. Mr. Barnes is a past President of BOMA Westchester, and serves on the board of directors for the Westchester Arts Council and Westchester County Association.

360 Hamilton Avenue, White Plains, NY
Commercial Office Building - 384,000 sq. ft.

SL Green Realty Corp. and Reckson, its suburban division, are committed to improving efficiency and tenant experience. 360 Hamilton Avenue is the culmination of ongoing sustainable improvements throughout the portfolio.

The EBie jury was particularly impressed by the 27% reduction in potable water usage at 360 Hamilton, and decided to recognize John and his team with an EBie Award for The Reformed Drinker. As part of their LEED certification process, the team at Hamilton Avenue retrofitted all common area restroom faucets with low-flow aerators, installed low-flow showerheads, and placed water-restricting diaphragms on all urinals to reduce water usage by 50%.

Tom Giantomidis | Property Manager, SL Green Realty Corp.
Patricia Lee | Director, CodeGreen Solutions
David Valentine | Chief Engineer, SL Green Realty Corp.

pinelli project.png

Other sustainability initiatives included upgrading HVAC equipment, retrofitting common areas with LED lighting technology (reducing energy within retrofit areas by 55%), and purchasing 100% renewable energy credits to offset remaining energy usage. 

In addition, SL Green and Reckson’s commitment to tenant engagement has led to successful recycling programs, with more than 50% of all building waste diverted from landfills, and 100% of all building E-Waste/lamps recycled. Reckson has a strong education and awareness program that ensures tenants are informed of the building’s sustainability programs. Strategies include elevator postings, lobby boards, tenant emails, and building-wide earth day events.