2013 Winner: The Reformed Gas Guzzler (Residential)

The building with the highest percentage of energy savings.

Who led the charge



Gregory Sherman
Vice President, Existing Buildings Department, Bright Power


One of Bright Power’s first energy auditors, Greg now leads a talented team of energy professionals who provide best-in-class service to a growing list of satisfied clients. While management is his primary responsibility, Greg is happiest crawling through old buildings in search of energy waste and strategizing straightforward energy-saving solutions.

Pinewood Hall, Roselle, NJ
Residential Building - 116,945 sq. ft.

In 2010, Bright Power worked together with residents and management to undertake a comprehensive energy audit of Pinewood Hall, a 171-unit senior citizens residence. The audit provided Greg and his team with the information necessary to slash management’s operating expenses and improve the livability of the building for residents. 

Action items included removal of the underperforming cogeneration unit and replacement with a high-efficiency condensing boiler plant, overhauling the exhaust ventilation system, cleaning and sealing the ventilation shafts, installing new direct-drive exhaust fans, equipping exhaust registers with constant air flow regulators, retrofitting common area lighting, insulating domestic hot water pipes, and installing programmable thermostats. As an affordable housing property, energy efficiency improvements have the added benefit of lowering energy costs, making more capital available for property maintenance, and helping ensure long-term affordability. 

A year after the renovations, Bright Power performed a weather-adjusted post-retrofit analysis showing that Pinewood Hall had successfully reduced source energy intensity by 31%. Furthermore, management and residents reported a marked improvement in air quality and light levels. By keeping the residents, management, and maintenance staff engaged in the process from start to finish, the occupants of Pinewood Hall have the knowledge and the know-how to maintain the energy savings in the future.

Joseph Abitante, Jr. | Board President, Pinewood Hall
Michael Cohen | Maintenance Director, Coughlin Management
Amalia Cuadra | Senior Energy Engineer, Bright Power
Sean Nelson | Project Manager, EVCO Mechanical
Michael Winters | Property Manager, Coughlin Management

"We like to make apartment buildings great places to live. For us, this means helping our clients make buildings healthy. The energy and water retrofit project at Pinewood Hall was the perfect opportunity to improve the living environment for residents while reducing utility consumption for management."

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