2013 Winner: The Reformed Gas Guzzler (Commercial)

The building with the highest percentage of energy savings.

Who led the charge



Dennis Skelly
Senior Property Manager, Liberty Property Trust

Dennis joined Liberty in 2009, bringing with him over a decade of Class A commercial property management experience. He and his team carry out Liberty’s mission of “Enhancing People’s Lives Through Extraordinary Work Environments” by integrating sustainability and smart management practices into their day-to-day operations to create high performance buildings.

Reflections II, Virginia Beach, VA
Commercial Office Building - 76,890 sq. ft.

In addition to its smooth operations (Dennis’s project also won the Smooth Operator Award), Reflections II had the highest energy savings out of all the 2013 EBie entries, with a 34% reduction in source energy intensity! 

By taking advantage of the project’s building wide area network (BWAN), Dennis and his team could continuously monitor the building’s energy performance to ensure that operations adhered to defined schedules. In addition, the team replaced the building’s pneumatic controls with a direct digital control system. The upgrade offered increased control and enhanced coordination of the HVAC system in the building, which yielded substantial savings in energy consumption and expenditure in a market with a lower than average cost per kilowatt-hour.

These improvements helped raise Reflection II’s ENERGY STAR rating from 63 in 2010 to 84 in 2012, and the building is now pursuing LEED EBOM certification. Beginning in 2012, the team also elected to offset 100% of its energy consumption with renewable energy credits!

Craig Cope | Vice President, City Manager, Liberty Property Trust
Matt Long | Tenant Services Technician, Liberty Property Trust
Michelle Swain | Property Manager, Liberty Property Trust


"Being recognized as a finalist, and ultimately winning two EBies, is an honor and a culmination of a lot of hard work and dedication by my team to create an energy efficient, high-performance building. It is Liberty’s belief that high-performance green buildings are not just good for the planet, they create economic value for our tenants, shareholders and employees."

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