2013 Winner: Shine a Light on Me

The greatest percentage reduction in building lighting energy consumption or lighting power density.

Who led the charge



John Lalley
Senior Account Manager,           CeeLite Technologies


John Lalley is currently a Senior Account Manager for CeeLite Technologies. Formerly, he was the Senior Account Manager for Independence LED while he worked on the lighting retrofit for Davis & Warshow. As an expert in the Solid State Lighting industry, he has been responsible for national accounts and direct sales for Independence LED since 2010.



Davis & Warshow LED Retrofit, Maspeth, NY
Commercial Office Building - 209,000 sq. ft.

Independence LED worked with Davis & Warshow, an 87-year-old family-owned business and New York’s premier dealer of luxury kitchen and bath fixtures and plumbing materials, to design and execute a comprehensive energy strategy that’s both good for business and raises the bar on sustainability.

By converting its entire Queens distribution center from fluorescent tubes to LED lighting, Davis & Warshow achieved an astonishing 79% reduction in energy. The company now has claim to the largest single-facility LED tube installation with the most energy efficient lighting in watts per-square-foot in the U.S. to date. Additionally, with a rooftop solar array that produces more than the 200,000 annual kWh to power the lighting, it is the country’s first facility to achieve a net-zero cost of lighting.

David Finkel | COO, Davis & Warshow
Carrie Kaltwasser | Senior Account Manager, CeeLite Technologies; formerly, Senior Account Manager, Independence LED
Charlie Szoradi | Chairman and CEO, Independence LED


"The importance of the Davis & Warshow LED Retrofit is twofold: The energy reduction and the overall improvement in working conditions serve as the immediate headlines, but the lasting importance of this project is just one piece of the consistent approach that David and Frank Finkel and their team at Davis & Warshow have committed via their ‘Practically Green’ initiative."

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