2014 Finalist

Who led the charge



Brad Collins
Senior Property Manager, CommonWealth Partners


Bradford Collins, RPA, knows California. With 29 years’ worth of knowledge in commercial office, industrial, and residential property in the San Francisco Bay Area, his experience in tenant and operating engineer interaction, recycling/composting programs, environmental sustainability measures, energy reduction programs, and LEED EBOM certification made him uniquely poised to make the 560 Mission project a success. A graduate of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, CA, Brad is also member of the San Francisco BOMA Member Committee and the Transportation Management Association SF Connects Work Executive Committee.

560 Mission, San Francisco, ca
Commercial Office - 778,782 sq. ft.

Brad and his team have put 560 Mission on the fitness regime of a lifetime since it was developed in 2002. Approaching the building from all angles, they reduced indoor plumbing fixture usage by 36%, cut the amount of water used for irrigation by over half, and offset all of their energy use through the purchase of Renewable Energy Credits. One of the biggest keys to improving building performance, however, was their work within the building: the team implemented a composting program, then worked with tenants to make sure the program was a success. Their Go Green Event awarded prizes to floors that were most efficient, and property management and janitorial teams held weekly audits to determine which tenants were the most reliable composters and which needed help, adjusting their approach accordingly. When one of the building’s major tenants found the three separate bins required for the program too unwieldy, the team innovated to introduce a “saddle basket” for trash to the side of each recycling bin, solving the problem.

Brad Collins was able to help 560 Mission St. reduce the amount of water it used for irrigation by 66%! 

Gary Walters | Chief Engineer, CommonWealth Partners
Jeannie Tam | Assistant Property Manager, CommonWealth Partners
Lidivina Aleman | Janitorial Project Manager, CommonWealth Partners


"The level of enthusiasm that the building staff exhibited while working on our sustainable issues showed their determination in achieving their goals. It is obvious that this award was not accomplished by the work of a single person, but a contribution of many experienced individuals."

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