2014 Finalist

Who led the charge



Ryan Merkin                                 Vice President, Director of Multifamily Energy Services, Steven Winter Associates

Ryan Merkin leads Twin Parks to the peaks of energy efficiency. As Vice President and Director of Multifamily Energy Services at Steven Winter Associates (SWA) you could say Ryan Merkin is all about “home, sweet home.” From energy auditing and analysis to design and implementation, his work enables effective retrofits of existing housing and increasing sustainability in new construction using standards such as LEED, Enterprise Green Communities, and ENERGY STAR®. Outside of SWA, Merkin is equally engaged in building energy efficient, comfortable homes as a board member of the NY Chapter of the Association of Energy Engineers.

Energy Efficient Renovation at Twin Parks, Bronx, NY Residential Building - 368,640 sq. ft.

With 100% occupancy and a population of low-income tenants occupying its 274 units, one of the main challenges at Twin Parks in the Bronx was to make huge changes without creating a huge disruption for the community. To do this, Omni New York, Renewal Construction, and SWA approached the project from the inside out: large system upgrades included replacement of electric heating with a hydronic distribution system, variable frequency drives for heating circulation pumps, an energy management system, and revamping the ventilation system. Along with core retrofits, the envelope of the entire building was reinforced with air-sealing, compartmentalization, and installation of double-pane windows. Lighting levels were improved and hundreds of security cameras installed in common areas, in addition to aesthetic renovations within apartments. All of these changes added up to a safer, more comfortable home environment for the tenants of Twin Parks, and a higher performance building for owners and operators.

Ryan Merkin helped reduced carbon emission of 307 MtCO2e/year in greenhouse gas emissions -- equivalent to planting nearly 1,200 acres of forest in the U.S. 


Cathal Gleeson | Mechanical Engineer, Steven Winter Associates
Eugene Schneur | Managing Director, Omni New York
Willie Hirsh | President, Renewal Construction
Courtney Horwitz | Assistant Vice President, Omni New York
Elizabeth Webb | Project Manager, Omni New York


"The execution of thinking big. With clear goals for achieving improved tenant comfort and operating savings for the long term, the team was able to produce impressive results."

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