2014 Winner: Take Me to the River

The greatest percentage reduction in indoor and outdoor potable water use.

Who led the charge



Stephen Post
Executive Director,       Hebrew SeniorLife


With Stephen Post’s help, elderly residents are eager to conserve water for future generations at Jack Satter House. For ten years and counting, Stephen has served as Executive Director of Jack Satter House, a supportive housing community that offers high quality, affordable housing and services to low-income seniors. He is a senior staff member at Hebrew SeniorLife, New England’s largest provider of housing and health care for elderly, and has over 30 years under his belt in affordable housing, urban planning, and real estate finance and appraisal. Stephen holds degrees from the Harvard University John F. Kennedy School of Government and Tufts University.

Jack Satter house, revere, Ma                                       residential building - 259,600 sq. ft.

Some say the elderly are resistant to change, but Stephen and his team found otherwise when they brought in new technology as part of their retrofit of Jack Satter House in Revere, MA. The team worked with Bright Power and KOW Building Consultants to direct $4 million in funding from the Green Retrofit Program for Multifamily Housing (run by the Department of Housing and Urban Development) to the project, foregoing in-kind equipment replacements for the latest in new energy-efficient technology. Water consumption was cut in half after installing high-efficiency condensing boiler and chiller plants, and low-flush toilets and low-flow faucets in many apartment units made water conservation easy to integrate into residents’ daily routines. Thanks to this retrofit project, Jack Satter House provides a more comfortable home for its elderly residents, along with lower water bills and more systems control for Stephen’s team.

Stephen helped Jack Satter House reduce water use by nearly half!

Jeffrey Perlman | President, Bright Power
Gregory Sherman | VP Engineering, Bright Power
Charlotte Bromberg | President, Jack Satter House Tenants Association
Jim Latini | Project Manager, West Mechanical Contractors
Kenneth Wille | KOW Building Consultants


"Saving energy is important to all generations. As a senior housing community, many felt that our residents would not care about energy savings or recycling. Instead, they embraced it. Many residents want to leave a better earth for their children and grandchildren."

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