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The greatest percentage reduction in indoor and outdoor potable water use.

Who led the charge

Kenneth Goldman                President, Capitol Management Corporation


In addition to his daily management of more than 1,200 apartment units. Goldman sits on the Board of Trustees of Macalester College, his alma mater. He is also a board member of Project U.S.E., a nonprofit educational organization that creates learning opportunities in the outdoors for more than 7,000 young people annually.


  • Conduct a performance baselines and use benchmarking data to map out—and eventually evaluate performance improvements                                                               
  • Educate property management and tenants on sustainability through seminars, flyers and individual, face-to-face meetings

New Jersey Apartment Building Becomes Efficient Operator


The New Jersey apartment buildings that Kenneth Goldman’s father built in the 1960s had become inefficient. A portfolio-wide benchmarking analysis by energy management firm Bright Power identified Kensington Apartments, in Fords, N.J., as the worst-performing property.

Bright Power completed a $3.5 million retrofit (with $600,000 funded by incentives from the New Jersey Pay for Performance Program) at Kensington in 2014. Many of the upgrades weren’t exactly revolutionary: They included, among other upgrades, low-flush toilets, 802 dual-flow kitchen aerators and showerheads and 802 low-flow bathroom aerators. An HVAC upgrade added high-efficiency smart circulators, as well as modulating burners that adjust their intensity to meet heating demands.

Despite these seemingly conventional upgrades, the project was not without its difficulties. "We had to coordinate the boiler retrofits with our gas utility for numerous technical reasons, including lack of consistent gas pressure at certain buildings," says Goldman, president of Capitol Management Corporation.

Just one year after the retrofit was completed, a weather-adjusted performance analysis showed that the Kensington Apartments significantly reduced source energy intensity of natural gas, electricity, and water. And residents say they live more comfortably as well.


"At Kensington, our energy-efficiency project leveraged a lot of existing equipment. It was a simple plan that ended up having had a big impact."


CLOSE UP: Kensington Apartments Building 6

What did we do?
Bright Power worked with Kenneth Goldman to complete a $3.5M energy/water retrofit.

Why we did it: 
The retrofit improved the energy efficiency of Capitol Management Corporation’s worst performing property.

Our Approach: 
Bright Power first performed an analysis, then made major improvements to the building envelope, HVAC and water system. 


  • Energy use–gas, water and electricity–were greatly reduced
  • Operating expenses decreased significantly
  • Residents’ quality of life improved