WINNER: Dyron Dinsmore for
Bank of America Plaza (GA)

Category: Take Me to the River

Who led the charge


Dyron Dinsmore
Senior Property Manager
Shorenstein Realty Services

Dyron Dinsmore has over 30 years of real estate management and has managed more than 6 million square feet of office and mixed-use properties. In addition to having owned and managed his own commercial real estate leasing and management company, he's also held senior property management positions at JLL and Cousins Property, Ltd.

Ghostbusters: phantom flushes and other problems were wasting water and costing money. Audits and upgrades led to savings of over five million gallons a YEAR.

At 55 stories and nearly 1.5 million sf of floor area, Bank of America is the tallest building in the Atlanta skyline. But behind its glittering exterior (its spire is covered in 23k gold leaf), fixtures dating from 1993 were hemorrhaging water. Dyron Dinsmore and his team decided to find out exactly how big the problem was with audits on their water systems.

Aging fixtures were revealed to use over 40% of indoor water, leading Dinsmore and his team to oversee a complete overhaul. Beyond requiring far less frequent maintenance, the new valves, urinals, toilets, and more reduced water use by half. Gone were the “phantom flushes” reported by tenants—toilets flushing more than once due to sensor malfunctions.

An ASHRAE Level II audit showed that cooling towers were using an additional 40% of indoor water. To solve this, the team oversaw installation of a condensate collection and reuse system that, along with other upgrades, provided additional one-year water savings of over a million gallons. With payback estimated at under two years, as one audience member put it at a recent presentation to Atlanta’s Green Chamber of Commerce: “Why aren’t more buildings doing this?"



  • Audit of water systems discovered that decades-old fixtures accounted for 42% of indoor water use and that cooling towers were another 40%
  • Overhauled fixtures to cut their water use in half, and diverted over 80% of the discarded porcelain from landfills
  • Installed a condensate collection and reuse system to further conserve water