The EBie Awards are governed by the following rules.


Entries can be for commercial or residential projects in existing buildings located anywhere in the continental United States.  Existing buildings must have a Date of Building Completion of January 1, 2011 or earlier (e.g., be five years old or more).


All EBie entries require data from EPA’s Portfolio Manager.  If you don’t currently use PM, you can set up an account here.


The 2016 EBies will honor projects completed between January 1, 2011 and December 31, 2014, with the exception of lighting projects, which must be completed before submission.  All applicants must submit 12 months of data from immediately before and after the project work period, again with the exception of lighting projects in which the immediate energy savings can be documented following the completion of the project.


The EBie Awards are intended for noteworthy renovations of existing buildings, not gut renovations.  The EBies will recognize those projects that have achieved improvements over time, with some tenants in place, and working with all of the attendant constraints.  As a guideline, if your project would be certifiable for any LEED award other than LEED EBOM it is not eligible for an EBie.


All EBie Award entries must be submitted online through the EBies submission page ( within the specified time frame.


Teams are encouraged to enter a project in multiple categories.  You may submit for multiple categories with one submission form.


Within each award category, the jury may select more than one winner based on building size or other criteria to be determined.


There is no fee to enter.

Submissions not meeting the requested criteria will be returned.  Material beyond what is requested on the submission form will not be considered.



All submissions become the property of Urban Green Council.  Project descriptions for EBie finalists and winners will be featured on the EBie website and other media.  Submitted data/figures will not be published except for information already publicly available.  Unsuccessful project narratives will not be published.  No additional data beyond what is requested will be considered.


The Jury will evaluate each submission based on performance improvements, which account for two-thirds of the overall score for most award categories, as well as for scalability, innovation, and challenges overcome.  The EBie Scorecard is here.

Submissions affiliated with a Jury member's company or organization are permitted, but Jury members must recuse themselves from deliberation and consideration of any submissions (i) from their company or organization, or (ii) from a team project with which they had direct or material involvement.



Not all awards will be made in all categories; a maximum of 10 awards will be made in 2016.  All EBie finalists will be notified per the EBie schedule.  Winners will be announced live at the EBie Awards on Monday, June 20, 2016 in New York City.


Each finalist team member will be able to purchase one half-price ticket for the EBie Awards.  This discount will only be extended to named team members on the submission form.


Urban Green Council employees and board members are not permitted to enter or be part of a team.