New Timeline for the EBie Awards

Hold on to your retrofits! Over the past five years, the EBies have grown steadily alongside the industry’s know-how in improving existing buildings. We are now planning a new timeline for the competition and will not be accepting applications for 2018. Please stay tuned for more details or email cw@urbangreencouncil.org to be added to our EBies mailing list.

We look forward to seeing your projects in the sixth EBie Awards competition!


Our hats are off to the women and men who innovated, aggravated, and mediated to improve existing buildings so they could celebrate an EBie win on June 20th. From a non-profit to a Fortune 500, universities to affordable housing, our winners turned their buildings into stars. Congratulations as well to our finalists, whose impressive work inspired our jury, and who we hope to see again next year.

The All Rounder

Dave Campbell for the Courtyard by Marriott (CA)
Josh Weisstuch for Arverne View (NY)

All Together Now

Jean Pullen for the Boys & Girls Clubs (multiple locations)

The Smooth Operator

Brad Collins for 560 Mission (CA)

It Takes a Village

Byron Cotton for Viacom & SL Green Upgrade (NY)

Power to the People

Elizabeth Cook for Northern Elementary (KY)
Steven Corson for the J. Wayne Reitz Student Union (FL)

Take Me to the River

Dyron Dinsmore for Bank of America Plaza (GA)

The Verdant Brainiac

Bruce Hall for One Orlando Centre (FL)

Our Mission

The EBies take a fresh approach to improving the sustainability of buildings across the country, celebrating the unsung heroes of the retrofit market.  The annual national juried competition recognizes improved environmental performance in existing buildings among building operators, facilities managers, owners, engineers, retro-commissioning agents and other professionals who conceived and implemented the work. Focus areas include energy, water, operations, materials use, lighting, portfolio-wide improvements, and tenant engagement.

“This year, Urban Green Council’s EBie Awards ceremony recognized really smart professionals that led the way in conceiving and implementing strategies that made their buildings more sustainable and cost-effective.”

- Chris Erikson, IBEW, Local Union No. 3 on the 2015 EBie Awards


2016 Jury

Mike Zatz (Chair)
Manager, ENERGY STAR Commercial Buildings, US Environmental Protection Agency

Dana Bourland
Vice President, Environment, JPB Foundation

Dennis Creech
Executive Director, Southface

Rand Ekman
Associate Principal, Chief Sustainability Officer, HKS

Anne Evens
CEO, Elevate Energy

Daniele Horton
Founder and President, Verdani Partners

Brendan Owens
Chief of Engineering, USGBC

Paul Rode
Senior Vice President of Engineering & Energy Management, Related Management Company

Brenna Walraven
President and CEO, Corporate Sustainability Strategies

Award Categories

For awards requiring information on energy efficiency or water use, you will need to provide information that can be obtained by using EPA's Portfolio Manager.  You can set up an account here.

1. The All-rounder: Performance Excellence in Multiple Categories

The most improved building across multiple sustainability categories.

Key Metrics: Source Energy Intensity, potable water, storm water runoff, waste, materials, indoor environmental quality, and occupant engagement.

Suggested Team Members: Owner, Operator.

2. All Together Now: Performance Excellence Across a Portfolio

The most improved portfolio across multiple sustainability categories.  Addressing more categories improves the portfolio's chances of winning.

Key Metrics: Energy, water, waste management, stormwater, materials use, indoor environmental quality, and tenant engagement.

Suggested Team Members: Owner or Third-Party Manager, Director of Operations.

3. The Smooth operator: operations and maintenance excellence

The most improved building across multiple sustainability categories achieved solely through improved operations and maintenance and/or retrocommissioning.

Key Metrics: Source Energy Intensity, potable water, waste, materials, and indoor environmental quality.

Suggested Team Members: Operator and/or Retrocommissioning Agent, Owner.

4. Power to the people: exceptional energy savings

The greatest percentage reduction in building energy use.

Key Metrics: Source Energy Intensity.  Two awards will be considered in the category: one for greatest percentage reduction; and the other for a reduction of 30% or more where the project finishes with a Portfolio Manager Rating of 90 or above (or qualifies for LEED EBOM EA Credit 1 for 15 points).

Suggested Team Members: Operator or Engineer, Owner, Operator.

5. shine a light on me:
The best lighting retrofit

The greatest percentage reduction in building lighting energy consumption or lighting power density.

Key Metrics: Lighting energy consumption, power density, and quality.

Suggested Team Members: Lighting Designer, Owner.

6. Take me to the river: winning water savings

The greatest percentage reduction in indoor and outdoor potable water use.

Key Metrics: Per capita potable water use.

Suggested Team Members: Operator or Plumbing Engineer, Owner, Operator.

7. it takes a village: commercial tenant performance improvements

The most improved commercial tenant space across multiple sustainability categories.

Key Metrics: Source Energy Intensity, waste, materials, indoor environmental quality, and employee engagement.

Suggested Team Members: Your Choice.

8. verdant brainiac: green renovation innovation

The most scalable green renovation project, particularly one that is innovative and overcame significant challenges.  Demonstration of scalability may include implementation across a portfolio of buildings.

Key Metrics: Source Energy Intensity, potable water, storm water, and indoor environmental quality.

Suggested Team Members: Your Choice.