2016 Finalist: The All Rounder

The most improved building across multiple sustainability categories.

Brad Collins for 560 Mission (CA)
How do you improve on an ENERGY STAR score of 92 in one of the most sustainable cities on Earth? Attack waste from every angle.
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2016 Finalist: It Takes A Village

The most improved commercial tenant space across multiple sustainability categories.

Asa Posner for the Clarion Partners Renovation (NY)
Platinum in Gold: How an NYC office space became the LEED CI Platinum sustainable centerpiece of a LEED EB Gold building.
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2016 Finalists: The Smooth Operator

The most improved building across multiple categories achieved solely through improved operations & maintenance and/or retrocommissioning.

Justin Farnsworth for the Wingcrest Buildings (UT)
Sometimes the low-hanging fruit is the sweetest: how this Salt Lake City project added 40 points to its ENERGY STAR score.
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Patrick Richardson for Smith-Wright Hall Controls (NC)
It’s every manager’s nightmare: a costly building upgrade that leads to endless tenant complaints. Then comes the job of improving performance with a $0 capital budget.
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2016 Finalist: All Together Now

The most improved portfolio across multiple sustainability categories.  

Hakon Mattson for the Anthem Portfolio (multiple locations)
Plan, measure, and improve: how one of the nation’s largest managed health care companies gained over 200 ENERGY STAR points across their portfolio.
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2016 Finalist: Power to the People

The greatest percentage reduction in building energy use.

Michael Giese for the Chicago Board of Trade (IL)
A Chicago landmark cuts energy use by over 40% without disrupting the trading floor.
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2016 Finalists: Take Me to the River

The greatest percentage reduction in indoor and outdoor potable water use.

Dyron Dinsmore for Bank of America Plaza (GA)
Ghostbusters: phantom flushes and other problems were wasting water and costing money. Audits and upgrades led to savings of over five million gallons a year. 
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2016 Finalists: The Verdant Brainiac

The most scalable green renovation project, particularly one that is innovative and overcame significant challenges.

Bruce Hall for One Orlando Centre (FL)
A chiller plant becomes an artificial reef as a 30-year-old building becomes a model of sustainability.
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